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Grain and Steel is a team of professional Bathroom Remodel in Fairfield County who understand the importance of making your bathroom an oasis. We have years of experience in all areas of design, and we love what we do!

Grain & Steel offers a variety of elegant and stylish designs to help you create the perfect bathroom for your home. From custom vanities and shower doors to luxurious bathtubs and modern lighting, the selection of products at Grain & Steel ensures that you can create the bathroom Remodel in Fairfield County of your dreams. Their experienced team of designers is available to help you choose the right fixtures, finishes, and accessories to create a unique and beautiful space. With an abundance of style and quality, Grain & Steel makes it easy to create a bathroom that is both functional and stylish. We offer a variety of stylish and innovative designs for you to choose from.

Expert bathroom remodeling contractors

Let us help you with your bathroom remodeling project from start to finish. We can assist with choosing Bathroom Remodel in Fairfield County design and selection of materials, such as tiles, countertops, and fixtures, to ensure you get the look you desire. We will also provide professional installation and construction services, as well as any necessary plumbing or electrical work. Our team of experienced contractors will make sure your bathroom remodeling project is completed promptly and to the highest quality standards.


Elevate your existing bathroom

If you’re looking to make major improvements to your home, our bathroom remodeling services may be the perfect choice for you. Whether you’ve just purchased a new home and want to make it your own, or you’re looking to upgrade your existing bathroom, we offer a range of services to help you achieve your desired look. From replacing fixtures and installing new bathtubs and showers, to updating tiling and painting walls, our experienced team will work with you to bring your vision to life. We’ll help you select the best materials for your space and budget, as well as provide advice on how to make the most of the space you have. With our help, you’ll be able to transform your bathroom into a luxurious and comfortable haven.

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A low-end bathroom refresh typically includes minor changes such as replacing the faucets and fixtures, updating the paint, and changing out the hardware. This type of remodel will typically cost a few hundred dollars. Replacing or refacing existing items, such as the toilet, vanity, and medicine cabinet, will cost more. Depending on the materials used and the extent of the work, this type of remodel could cost several thousand dollars. A more extensive remodel might include replacing the flooring, adding new fixtures, and replacing the walls and countertops. This type of remodel could cost several thousand dollars or more, depending on the materials used and the scope of the project.

The timeline for a bathroom remodel will depend on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks to complete a bathroom remodel. This timeline includes the time needed for demolition and removal of the old fixtures and appliances, the reconstruction of the walls and floors, and the installation of new plumbing and electrical components, along with the new fixtures and appliances. Additionally, to ensure the quality of the work, time will also be spent on inspecting and testing the new components, making any necessary adjustments, and cleaning up the area afterward.

  1. Initial Consultation: We meet with the homeowner to discuss their needs and go through ideas.
  2. Proposal: We come up with a plan and a generalized budget for the project.
  3. Decision: We come to an agreement with the homeowner and they sign off on the allowance.
  4. Design: We draft up a blueprint and choose materials that suit the customer’s budget. We also discuss any additional costs associated with specific design ideas.
  5. Finalize Proposal: The customer approves the design or asks for adjustments. We agree on a set allowance. This won’t change without the customer’s approval.
  6. Schedule Job: We work with the customer to choose a time that works well for both of us.
  7. Remodel: We get to work! From here, we’ll demo, rough-in, and rebuild. This step can involve any number of sub-steps depending on the nature of the project.

When looking for a bathroom contractor, it is important to find one that has a portfolio of projects that they have successfully completed. This portfolio should include before and after photos of the bathroom renovations they have done, as well as a detailed list of the materials used and the cost of the project. Additionally, it is wise to check the contractor’s references and reviews before hiring them, to ensure that they have a good reputation and that they provide quality work.

Grain & Steel are bathroom remodel contractors located in the Greater Danbury Area. They have extensive experience in all aspects of bathroom remodeling, from design and planning to installation and finishing. They specialize in customizing projects to fit each client’s needs and budget, providing superior quality and craftsmanship. They offer a variety of services, such as tile and flooring installation, bathtub and shower installation, vanity and sink installation, plumbing, lighting, and custom cabinetry. They are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and strive to ensure that each project is completed to the highest standard.